The St. Andrew's Schools have implemented MOE’s paid season parking from 1 August, and COA members are NOT allowed to park at the school’s carparks on:

Monday to Friday, 6:30am to 6:30pm, Saturday, 6:00am to 2:00pm

COA members may park on weekdays after 6:30pm, Saturdays after 2:00pm and the whole day on Sunday. Park ONLY in the red lots and not along double yellow lines. Vehicles that do not comply will be given warning letters by the schools.

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1. Security and Traffic Rules During School Hours
From 27 June 2016, the Junior and Secondary Schools will enforce MOE’s new security and traffic rules for all schools. Parents are no longer allowed to park and require school passes to enter the schools. Cars or persons, including COA members, who wish to enter the village will also need a special vehicle pass or exchange a personal ID for a visitor’s pass.

2. Entry Into the Village After School Hours and Weekends
A Diocesan Office, COR and COA coordination committee will implement the schools’ security and traffic requirements for the after school hours and weekends soon. In the meantime, COA members can still drive in and park after school hours subject to basic ID checks.

We seek your understanding in being inconvenienced for the greater safety of the SAV. Please respect and cooperate with the security staff by complying with the parking rules and produce a visible identification when asked. The schools’ letter to the parents is posted at the MPH notice board and LKC Hall for your reference.

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