AGM 2018


Ministry Heads, please submit your re- spec ve ministry reports for AGM to Desmond Ng, PCC Honorary Secretary by Tuesday 20 February. Kindly contact Desmond, or Clare at: [email protected] if you have queries.


The Electoral Roll is being updated and revised for AGM on 29 April 2018. The Electoral Roll will be posted at the foyer in LKC Hall from 11 March 2018. Please let Clare know if any names have been le out, or if you wish to be reinstated or to be an Elec- toral Roll member (you have to be baptised, confirmed and over the age of 17 and actively support the church).

3. AGM REPORT 2017

Members on the electoral role are encouraged to opt for a soft copy (pdf) instead of a printed copy of the AGM report. Kindly email: [email protected] with your full name to make a request. Thank you.